a time for us-來自館口 A time for us, someday there'll be總有一天,會酒店工作有屬於我倆的時光When chains are tron by courage當鎖鏈被勇氣蝕穿Born of a love that's 酒店打工free從愛中而生必然是自由的A time when dreams so long denied can flourish 夢想被否定的時光酒店兼職終將大放異彩As we unveil the love we now must hide當我們不遮掩的愛,如今卻得隱藏A time 澎湖民宿for us, at last to see我倆的時光,終於得見A life worth while for you and me人生中一段值得燒烤我倆珍惜的時光And with our love through tears and thorns we will endure用愛穿越淚水與荊棘烤肉食材,我們定能承受As we pass surely through every storm像我們安然度過每場暴風雨A time for us, 燒烤someday there'll be總有一天,會有一段屬於我倆的時光A new world, a world of shining 宿霧hope for you and me一個嶄新的世界,為你我閃耀著希望的世界館  口

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